Marketplace Brasil is an agency developed and founded by Rafael, e-commerce professional focused on marketplaces.

Our speciality is to develop marketplace operations of all kinds, whether is B2C, B2B, B2B2C

Contact us and get the best business opportunities for marketplace and e-commerce in Brazil.


Due to the complexity of a marketplace operation, whether is large, medium or small, we created our own method and it is already being used, where we use a step by step technique that goes through definitions such as: legal aspects, taxation, costs, marketplace goal, platforms, business rules, internal procedures, finance, target audience, commercial management, business plan, human resources, logistics, staff training and so on.

An overall of our services:Development of Marketplace operations - development and training for companies who are looking to sell on the current marketplaces such as: B2W, Via Varejo, Walmart, Netshoes, Mercado Livre, Infoar, Kanui, Tricae, etcWe work from the negotiations of the contract until internal procedures, logistics, customer care, finance, sales management, best practices, and so on in order to achieve the best results on the marketplaces.


Staff training using our own marketplace development methodology

Training of sellers for marketplaces.



In addition, we look into clarify and foster marketplaces business through articles, videos and interviews.


Contact: comercial@marketplacebr.com.br

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