Cross-border Services

Think globally, act locally

We at Marketplace Brasil believe and bet on cross-border e-commerce as the next big wave, and so we develop services to facilitate and enable the entry of international sellers in Brazil and Latin America.

We have made it possible since the registration of international sellers in the Brazilian Marketplaces, the translation of listings considering SEO and Latin American culture to the management of returned and exchanged products. see below

Marketplaces Register - Marketplace Bras

Registration in marketplaces

We register your company in the largest marketplaces in Brazil and Latam.

Get to know the MercadoLibre and the B2W

Listing Translate - Cross-border service

Translation of Listings

We translate your listings into Portuguese and Spanish.
We work SEO considering Latin American culture.
This improvement in their listings has proven to increase sales.

Return - Cross-border services - Marketp

Management of exchanges and returns

Enough of losing money with exchanged or returned products.
We receive the products returned or exchanged, analyzed and stored in our warehouse to deliver to another customer or resell as a used product.